The Realtors Comprehensive Closing Gift Solution

 Closing for the recipient  is the end of the home buying process, for the savvy realtor it is a last opportunity to make a positive impression that will yield those coveted referrals.

The "Realtors Closing Kit" by Gifts People Choose is a industry first comprehensive closing solution guaranteed to generate a impactful positive impression. Every kit has,

A branded or personalized front - Your logo in full color graphics printed on presentation linen in a die cut front window,  select a standard oval or create you own custom window(s)

A  branded and personalized "Letter of thanks" - Your  logo and message printed on presentation linen.

Gift of Choice Booklet - The perfect closing gift because they chose it! 17 plateau levels of name brand gifts delivered to your recipients door with a 100% double satisfaction guarantee. Starting as low as $25.00 (optional)

Daily Reminder "Thank you Gift" - 18 different styles of key chains and hundreds of other options, knives, ice cream scoops, pizza cutters...

Second use - becomes a branded keepsake storage folder for closing documents

If you would like to add impact to your closings and make a positive investment to your brand and business  that drives referrals call  Gifts People Choose today @ 801-908-5684